Thankful for My Handy-Man


It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and we are working on Hobo, the van – or more accurately, Dan is working. At some point, I would like to get Dan to write a post on all the modifications he’s been working on. He’s proven to be a real handy-man! I’m blown away with how much this man knows!

In layman language (or T language, as I hardly understand any of this), he has done the following:

  • Installed a new heater and thermostat – Yup! We have a thermostat that we can set the temperature at, just like a regular house. Living in a van won’t be much different eh?
  • Batteries – We can’t run heat and lights and occasionally my hair-dryer off of the car battery, or we’ll have a lot of dead battery moments. So, Dan has installed not only one, but TWO massive batteries that can store oodles of juice.
  • Solar Panels – This one’s my favourite. While we do live in the west-coast…or should that be wet-coast?…we are still banking on getting as much sun power as possible. This winter is rated to be one of the wettest on record, so our timing may be poor, but the rain can’t last forever…right?

That’s it for now. What’s my contribution been? Mostly dreaming up how we’re going to make Hobo our home…and helping my man when he needs two more hands.