Bohemian. That word may be over-used lately, but it’s one that resonates with me…deep in my soul.

Nomad…free-bird…gypsy…call it what you will. I need adventure, and I need to move, and I need nature. Needs a strong word, sure…but I’ve come to accept that I truly do NEED these things. They are my life fuel…what makes me tick…what makes me whole…what makes me a better me.

Follow alongside me, my ruggedly good-looking husband Dan (love you hun!) and my foxy dog Sitka as we explore, play, and love. Get to know our mobile home, Hobo – a 1989 Westfalia Vanagon – whom we plan to live in for the time being.

Bare with me during my rants, dreams, and frequent squeals of excitement.

This is my world – WELCOME!

Into Bohemia we go…