Van Pup

This is Sitka. She is our van pup.


We’ve wanted to move into a van for a few years now, but my main concern was always “what about the dog?”

It’s not that our dog was holding us back from our dreams…entirely. Well, I guess in a way she was, but to own a dog is by far more important to me than living in a van. So I let the dream subside. I thought about the logistics and decided that it wouldn’t work with a dog, so it wouldn’t work for us. We tried to revisit the topic several times over the years, but we always came to the same conclusion – it just wouldn’t work.

Until this summer. We were driving in Tofino (of course, where else!), and we were drooling over all the Westfalias driving by. “Is there no way we could have air-conditioning in the van?” I asked. We got talking and brainstorming. We could have super high quality solar panels that powered high capacity batteries, and ultimately have the van temperature set at a comfortable setting. Dan got researching, and I even helped a bit by finding some videos on YouTube of others who have made this happen. It was looking more and more promising…more and more attainable…

Now, with our major road-block semi-figured out, we could really consider this. Not just some flighty-maybe-someday-probably-not-but-maybe idea that we bring up again on dates where our dreaming juice is flowing. This could actually happen. With the van pup happy…we could do this.

And here we go!

(By the way: Sitka loves it in the van. She has all sorts of comfortable cushions to lounge on, windows to see the world through, and her two best friends close by.)