Raise Some Eyebrows

Why van life? Let me count the ways!

“Van life empowers us to find our flow of planning and spontaneity, movement and stillness, togetherness and solitude, work and play, doing and being, effort and ease, and heart and mind.” – Emily, from “Where’s My Office Now” (adventures of an American van-dwelling couple)


Dare to be lost. Dare to be (gasp!) homeless. Dare to be different. Dare to try something new.

Break the mould a little bit…or a lot. Challenge yourself to explore – both physically and mentally. Do “that thing” you’ve always wanted to do. Spend more time outside with your dog – because honestly, you can only sit in a van so much right?! Downsize all your stuff. Buy less stuff – because there’s just no room! Find new hobbies outside. Read more book. Journal and reflect more. Live your values – simplicity, love, and community.

This is just a sampling of thoughts and reflections of why I want to live in a van. I’ve committed to meditating (or call it what you will) daily – to take some time for my body and mind to relax, and the clarity is phenomenal!

We only have one life (as far as I know and suspect), so why NOT do things that seem fun to you? Why NOT do things a little differently? Why NOT take some risks along the way? Why NOT raise a few eyebrows…?

Am I officially a crazy person…? Perfect.

Love and peace… <3