Yoga in a Westy

My afternoon meditation spot - once I shooed the van pup away
My afternoon meditation spot – once I shooed the van pup away


Winter solstice is just around the corner…a magical time of year. Island winter are a blessed change from the cold, snowy winters we are accustomed to. While I miss the snow for recreational reason (can you say skiing?), I also appreciate the temperate ocean weather.

We’re in Jordan River. Dan’s surfing. It’s raining. I’m in the van. My home.

It’s starting to feel a lot more like home – a place to cuddle-up in…relax…unwind. Isn’t that truly what a home is? A safe haven? A place to call your very own? Maybe we’ve complicated it a bit over the years, but if you really strip it all away, a home can be as simple as…oh I don’t know…a tent or maybe even a van.

I just did my very first meditation session in my tiny home. Meditation means a lot of different things to different people, but to me, it’s an excuse to sit still for a while…or lay down in Savasana…just be quiet.

It was short; it was cramped. I only lasted 20 minutes (I’m no yogi, that’s for sure!), but it was nice to do that in the van. Obviously there’s no room for anything fancy, but fancy isn’t my kind of yoga anyway. I sat still for 10 minutes – listened to the rain on the roof, the ocean tides closely, and Sitka rooting around in our bed. I let out a snicker when she fell off the couch, but other than that, I was still. I let my body settle into the rhythm of my breath, alternating between cow and cat…slowly and methodically. I lay in child’s pose, thanking God for life – nothing specific this time…just life.

I am blessed. I don’t say that lightly, or to paint my life better than other people’s lives. I know there is hurt and suffering all around me, and my intentions are not to run around flaunting. Part of declaring “I am blessed,” is so I will LIVE like I am blessed. To give generously, to love freely, and to act out of intentions and not impulse. I want to try to make the world a more blessed place – to spread love, peace, hope and GOODNESS.

Love and blessing, from my tiny home to wherever your life path currently finds you.

Merry Winter Solstice,