We are very fortunate to have the opportunities that we have in our professional lives, and for that, we are more than grateful. While living in a van in a city has it’s challenges, we have embraced those challenges and learned from our mistakes, as well as others mistakes (yay for online community!).

Our mobile, mini-home-on-wheels has taken us to countless adventure destinations, away from the concrete, high-rises and city lights. We love wild spaces, and we seek them out as often as we can.

It is not always an easy life – abolish all notions of hippied-out existence, holding hands, and flowers in our hair – but it’s an enjoyable life. Nothing gets you moving, connecting, and exploring quite like taking away a “home-base.” Home is wherever we go. Wherever the weather takes us. Whatever strikes our fancy.

This is our life (for now, or forever?), and we’re proud of it.