Happy VANiversary!!

“A van-life journey to transform…” – where’s my office now


Thats’s right.
We’ve managed to make it a staggering 12 months as permanent van dwellers.
What started as a social experiment and a personal challenge to push against the norm has evolved into a fairly comfortable, routine, and fulfilling way of life. Both dan and I have adjusted with this life, just as one might adjust to a new neighbourhood or job. This really isn’t that crazy. It’s our new normal.

…But for how long? “It’s been a freakin’ years you two!”
We don’t know. We don’t really care to know. Just as our bodies and rhythms adjusted to walking on the PCT trail for 2660 miles, we’re in this thing! But I assure you, it’s not forever. We would like to buy land someday in a cozy, mountainous town. A modest, wild property off the beaten path with…I don’t know…a vanagon parked there and nothing else. JUST KIDDING! Sort of.

So this weekend, we celebrate by taking our beloved van Hobo on yet another jaunt to Jordan River to play with the frigid, morphing Pacific waters.
Just you and me babe. In this together, through crazy and sane…