The Vibes Putt-Putt On…

His name is Tic-Tac. He’s our micro-van.

We have to let him go.

So I panic. Tic-Tac has become a part of my identity. I’m the long-haired, smiling hippie who slowly and nervously maneuvers her right-hand-drive, standard van around Squamish. I’m the giver (and taker) of various signs of stoke – peace signs, hang-loose, rock-on – your pick, and I will reciprocate. Tic-Tac is like a language; an unspoken reminder to get at’er, have fun, live light-hearted, and don’t take anything too seriously. I want to spread that message, and he has been the perfect vessel.

It’s hard to let go of a symbol of one’s identity. I’m still here. I haven’t changed. But I’m letting go of a little part of me that has spoken in such a big way!

But we’re attempting to live as minimalists – to consume less, experience more, and lighten our footprint on this glorious, precious earth. Two cars and one scooter for two people; not so minimal.

So we have to say good-bye. Tic-Tac can continue to spread the vibes, with or without us. May he continue to putt-putt all over this continent, revving his 660cc engine, blaring up mountain passes, and weaving around corners.

He’s unconventional. He’s weird. He’s small.

He ain’t done yet.