Woodstock...sweet van
Woodstock…sweet van

No one has been asking, but for the sake of some of you who might be wondering…

No, Dan and I have not turned into pot-smoking, dumpster diving dirt-bags. Not that either smoking pot or dumpster diving makes you a dirt bag…absolutely not! While we have never tried pot (I know…such a rarity in this day and age), we HAVE been dumpster diving for boxes so we can pack up our lives. Why buy boxes when you can grab them from a dumpster?! Save the trees right…?

There’s a bit of a stigma about living in a van. We tend to categorize a “certain type” of person for van life. Yet, the more blogs I happily find from fellow van dwellers, the more I realize that this is the type of life that draws all types of folks from all walks of life. There is no van-living type. Students do it. Rich people do it. Hippies do it. Large families do it.

And apparently we do it. In two days.