“God plants his saints sometimes in unexpected soil, lest we think we may reduce Him to a rule!” – Paramahansa Yoganandya



We are preparing to roll with it…to embrace the unknown. 6 more days until we move out of our apartment and into new territory! – or is that open territory…? Who knows what is in store for us – we certainly don’t!

I am allowing my idealist to shine through, and suppressing the realist. I’d rather focus on the infinite adventures, rather than the likely challenges! My thoughts and dreams are drenched with hope and anticipation…ripe with possibility.

We are packing. There is a lot of stuff. I smile as I go through my exhaustive tea collection, working out what hot drink will offer me the most comfort and benefit in a van. What books do I want to read? What yarn can I create with? What blankets will I cozy into?

Most of all, I envision a place to call “home” – surrounded by my mini family. My van pup on my lap, and my man’s arm around my neck…

Unexpected soil…? Sure. But familiar company.

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