Blessed Home Owners

Who’d ‘a ‘thunk we would be home-owners at this stage of our lives?

Not my home...this is during my home-shopping days
Not my home…this is during my home-shopping days

We like to joke about how fortunate we are to have bought a “house” in one of the most expensive places in Canada, with no down payment or mortgage to boot. Of course, we’re talking about our van…not your typical expensive and manicured home in Victoria…more like a a-typical, 80’s style, bachelor set-up, no-fixed-address kind of home. We love it.

It truly is a tiny home. We joke about it, but in all seriousness, we have everything we need in our tiny space. By privileged North American standards, we may look a little kooky and even ghetto, but consider that we have all that we need and more – “and more” equals an excess…beyond needs…into comforts. Sit with that for a minute. We are so dang privileged people!!

This weekend was spent, like many other home-owners, doing modifications to our tiny space. Our modifications are motivated by saving money, and increasing efficiency and convenience.

In the past, Dan installed solar panels, two massive battery packs, and a luxurious in-van heating system. We set the thermostat to either “reasonable” or “sweaty” if we want a super cozy night – no, these are not official thermostat settings, as there are no numbers or descriptions on the dial…just our way of communicating to each other – “Hun, can you turn the heat up to sweaty please?” It works for us.


Some smaller mods include new headlights (the stock lights on Vanagons should be called “barely legal” they are so dim), a new bendable faucet for the sink, LED interior lights with adjustable brightness settings (and party settings – strobe lights anyone?), and a new stereo.

This weekend, Dan worked on removing some rusty spots on Hobo and has painted over with rust-proof paint. I had the unglamorous job of removing mildew from the top of the van. Fun! We purchased a used dehumidifier this weekend to help combat the moisture issue as Victoria winters are wet.





Sitka doesn't lift a paw around here...
Sitka doesn’t lift a paw around here…


Hanging my laundry to dry - mom would be so proud!!
Hanging my laundry to dry – mom would be so proud!!

All in all, we spend a decent amount of time working on the van – or mostly, Dan does. Sometimes I forget why we’re doing this. We could just rent an apartment like a normal couple and not have to worry about mould and rust. But that’s not where we’re at right now.

Living in a van. Not down by the river. But living in a van. Who’d ‘a ‘thunk?!