One weekend at a time…


It’s been a tough week as far as van-life goes. No joke.

Too many nights near-tears (or in tears for that matter) over the whole thing…just a hair away from quitting on the spot.

What happened? Nothing in particular. No van break-downs. No van break-ins – although that did sort of happen as some most likely drunken teens stumbled upon our van one night, and we forgot to lock the doors, and…well…they thought it would be fun to see “what’s inside.” Harmless really…Dan just yelled, “Hey, go away!” and that was that.

It just gets a bit ridiculous sometimes. The inconveniences can add up – there’s a line-up at the shower, traffic is bad, we run out of propane halfway through a cold night, I’m exhausted from work and want somewhere quiet and private to nap…you know…all small things that add up.

I chose this. We chose this. I don’t want to complain, because ultimately, I can “un-choose” this almost as fast as I chose it. We can start renting. We can sell the van. This isn’t permanent, and there’s no expiration date. We have control of this.

Then why does it break my heart SO SO SO much to even entertain the thought of throwing this all away?! I haven’t experienced the summer yet! The trips we have yet to experience!

So, I decide to push-on. No point in panicking (although that has been known to happen). One day at a time T. Better yet, one weekend at a time. Easy-peasy. No biggie.

Like every. single. glorious. free-bird. adventurous. weekend since we moved into the van, we got out of the city, and I found my soul again – sunshine, nature, ocean, trees, and my two best friends to boot.

Life is good.




3 thoughts on “One weekend at a time…”

  • Hey Tara!
    As you my have noticed, I have been following your blogs because I dream of doing this again someday. Aaron and I LOVED life in the van though we only did it through the 3 easiest months, and it was more of a three month vacation rather then living. Sometimes I dream of how it could be possible with three children…haven’t come up with anything yet especially since our van isn’t legal for 5 people. Rainy days would suck! Two in a van on a rainy day can be enjoyable, but 5?? It doesn’t quite compute. Haha maybe a yurt would be better. What have you found to be the hardest?? I wanted to write to tell you that I truly appreciate “watching” you do this and see you live life this way. It makes me SO happy and jealous. Where have you been parking?? Have you found a home base that you tend to go to?? We lived in the Canmore library parking lot, but I imagine you guys have found a spot out of town is that true??

    • Canmore?! That would be awesome. I guess I haven’t really mentioned our sleeping situation in hopes that it would become more stable – we too are just parking wherever we can – where it’s dark, quiet, and respectful of other people. We had hoped to rent someone’s driveway or even rent a lot outside of town, but that was surprisingly hard to find…I mean, who wouldn’t want a couple of crazies living in a van in their driveway?! Haha. I’m glad you’re following alongside us. Remember, you did this before it was cool, so you get extra points for that. 🙂

  • Oh, and what do I find is the hardest? Probably balancing this nomadic, care-free type living with my work responsibilities. I’m managing a health food store in the city, so I’m very much tied down to that – which is great because it’s a dream come true for me. I just think this lifestyle would be a lot easier if we were traveling like true nomads. Maybe someday…?