Remember this van-pup?


Probably. How could you forget a face like that?!


Well, a face like that made a mess like this…


Understatement of the year – we are not impressed.


Here’s some back-ground:


It’s winter in Victoria, which means rain, rain and MORE rain. Keeping the van dry has been more than challenging. We can’t really open the windows to air Hobo out because…well…that means more rain in the van. We can’t pop the top of the van to vent the moisture out because that means getting the canvass wet or damp, which…well…you get the picture.


We have a mould issue. Well, not quite an issue yet, but getting close. Apparently you can bleach that stuff away, so that’s on our list of jobs to do.


Enters the dehumidifier – our current approach to reducing moisture accumulation. It works GREAT! I can’t believe how much water we can get out of the van within a couple of hours. We’ve been plugging it into the van once or twice a week.


Here’s the kicker: Sitka HATES it. She pants, paces, and sometimes even jumps up and down. It really stresses her out. And Sitka is a pretty chill dog – calm, cool and collected for the most part. So, for the last few de-moisture sessions, I’ve stayed in the van with Sitka, trying to get her used to it. She seems fine when I’m there.


Today we decided to leave Sitka alone with the dehumidifier on. I got busy at work. I didn’t even have a chance to glance out the window and see how she was doing. Finally at lunchtime, I had a moment to take her out for a walk like we do everyday. Upon opening the van door, I was greeted by a very anxious pup, along with a floor littered with foam and plastic.

Oh dear.


Looks like we need a new approach.


Good thing I love her.

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