Ebb and Flow

Van-life has become a lot more comfortable for us lately – and nothing major has really changed.


It just feels…wholesome. exploratory. quirky. abundant.

Still, by far, the best part of this life (not to mention the money we are saving for future travels!) is the ability to travel on a regular basis within the convenience of our own home!

We were ocean-bound again this weekend, to the shores of Tofino. It’s one thing to live oceanside in our van within the hustle-bustle of the city, but a whole new ballgame to dip into the swelling, sometimes monstrous, ever-moving salt water of Tofino – to not just dip a toe, but to suit up in head to toe wetsuits, and plunge right in there! Oh saltwater…wave by wave, I fall more and more in love with you…more and more into a rhythmic dance of co-existence. I vow to dance more elegantly with you in the future, but for now, accept my flailing, clumsy surfing for what it is – an immature play date.

Here’s to many more. xxxx

My clumsy dance...
My clumsy dance…


Dan's sure getting the hang of it...
Dan’s sure getting the hang of it…








Salty beach hair?...calls for a scrunchie :)
Salty beach hair?…calls for a scrunchie 🙂


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