Be My Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

My husband and I found ourselves on an impromptu trip (would we have it any other way?!) to the Walbran Valley to visit our beloved trees and forest friends galore.

There’s no where else I’d rather be, than handing our Valentine’s to ancient trees, in an attempt to wake-up the public and the government to the atrocity of old-growth logging. It was soggy…but it was memorable.

Of course Dan is my true Valentine – and has been for the past 13 years – but I found some extra room in my heart to accept the following Valentine from a handsome, ruggedly good-looking, forest-dwelling-kind-of-tree. I was swooning! Here it is:

Dear T,

My possessions are small, and there isn’t much I can give, so please accept my small contribution to your existence, and the existence of all mankind, womankind, and all living-kind. This year I give you what I vow to continue to give you every year, as I have done for the last 1000 years – oxygen, to name one, but for good measure, I vow to throw in mineral rich soil and water, and my humble contribution to this thriving, ancient, valuable eco-system.

All my love and ever waiting hugs,

Unnamed Ancient WalbranTree (I would like to remain anonymous for mysterious appeal)


Big cedar down on the road at camp!
Big cedar down on the road at camp!


Operation "remove the tree" was a success - mostly to Ron and his chainsaw!
Operation “remove the tree” was a success – mostly to Ron and his chainsaw!







Beautiful limestone canyon
Beautiful limestone canyon


Do not limit your love – expand it outwards and upwards, backwards and forwards.

Much love xxx

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