Movement is Medicine


My body craves movement, and sometimes life does not allow the luxury to provide opportunities to move. There are obstacles – work demands, restless sleep or poor weather to name a few (and of course, there’s always laziness).

Have you ever just gone for that jog anyways, in the piss pouring rain? Or went mountain biking when it was the last thing you felt like doing? Did you regret it? I imagine not! Movement is medicine – it recharges my soul, my body, and my mind. We were born to move; wild animals on the run!

Commitment to movement has been inconsistent in my case – excuse after excuse fogs my mind and my ability. I will no longer allow the predator in my mind to rob me of moving in ways that feel good – hula hooping on the beach, paddling my under-muscled arms to catch a wave on my surf board, running down the trail amongst forest friends of flora and fauna.

You know what else kills movement? Comparing yourself to someone else, or to some unrealistic expectation upon your performance. Being self-conscious. Embarrassed. Worried someone will laugh when you dance. Worried someone is silently judging you when you run. That’s all in your head! I mean, you’re MOVING!! – what a magical, primitive, wild, energetic, natural thing to do! Focus on how fortunate you are to be moving and how your body is benefiting.

Not entirely van-life, I know, but you may have noticed by now that I divert…a lot…almost regularly.

After 11 days of working in a row, it was off to Tofino in our mobile home to MOVE MOVE MOVE in some of my most favourite ways.

Life is good.







Sitka getting the "off-leash-rules-talk" with Dan
Sitka getting the “off-leash-rules-talk” with Dan


Sitka likes to move too!
Sitka likes to move too!




Watching Dan surf
Watching Dan surf




Wild-crafted fiddleheads from our forest walk :)
Wild-crafted fiddleheads from our forest walk 🙂

4 thoughts on “Movement is Medicine”

  • Ok, so I tried your movement theory, & rode the cut for the first time this spring.
    It was great, but todays muscle memory, was a bit too loud for my liking.
    Miss You!! DAD

  • You are absolutely right….. last evening we danced our buns off with your mom & poppa bear at the Listowel Ag Centre. It always feels great when we push through the fog. Good words T-fox. When I grow up I hope to clear the fog completely. Wish us all luck!