Comfort Stretcher

“It seems to me that the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back. If I can relax, fear relaxes, too.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


Fear. Oh how I know you quite well an intimately!

Every once in a while, my husband convinces me that I WANT to do something that terrifies me. I know the story. He tells me how awesome it will be, how beautiful the scenery will be, and how proud of myself I will be. Slowly but surely, I fall for the idea, and I’m suddenly on board, regardless of my numerous hesitations and anxieties and second third and fourth thoughts. WHAT A LIKELY STORY!

The over-my-head-adventure-of-the-week? Canyoneering in Looper Canyon. Ok, so that’s not really scary at all, but I was terrified! Anything new, unknown and cold scares me. And this was COLD. It turned out being a lot of fun, and it was spectacularly beautiful – aqua blue water, gorgeous limestone rocks and maiden-hair ferns everywhere.

I’m grateful that I have a partner who encourages me and comes up with these ideas. He loves to try things that are new, and I’m more of a creature of habit and stick with “what I know.” Thanks hun for being the best partner…more than I could have ever asked for.










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