Love Often



Being an introvert (I think?), sometimes I just want to crawl into a hole, and not talk to anyone. I crave “alone-time”…seclusion…space to think.

Not only is my job in a fast-paced retail environment, but a huge part of my job is to make connections – with buyers, educators, and customers. I love it. Truly I do. But I get tired.

During the chaos that my last week has been, I have found myself reflecting on the importance of relationships – big or small. Life is too short to crawl into a hole. Life is too full to spend alone. People are too good to not allow inside. When I feel the panic to hide myself from someone, I will remind myself that there are good people in this world. That sometimes you meet someone at an inconvenient time, and it may seem easier to brush them aside and get on with your day…but wait…take the extra time to talk, care, listen, and smile. There truly are gems out there…my heart swells.

I am also reminded of my family over the last week or so. Dan and I moved out West in 2009, and it was supposed to be for 1 or 2 years. When we got to the coastal mountains of BC, we knew there was no turning back – we were home.

But I miss my family. I miss seeing my nieces and nephews who are growing up at an astonishing pace. My parents grow old (love you dearly!), and I hardly see them. I feel like I’m missing out in their lives, and them in mine.

I love them. I miss them. From the bottom of my heart, all my love and hugs and kisses to my family…

So for now, I will keep my heart open – I will love freely and often – I will hug openly and affectionately – I will give freely and generously of my time and money – I will live love.

Love to you. xx

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