Soggy Van Living

We’re in Tofino!

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It’s summer.
It’s been sunny.

Today, however, it pours.

My husband reminded me this morning that we are, in fact, in a coastal rainforest. It’s only natural…

So we bend and adapt with the weather, falling into rhythm. Sitka goes for her mandatory Long Beach morning walk – she enthusiastically jumps up and down by the van door, only to be greeted with a sideways heavy mist that mimics island winter rains. She too embraces it; she never turns down a beach walk.

We surf.  I flop around in the choppy water, churning and gasping in the unpredictable waves. I can hardly call it surfing really. More like flailing. Dan stays out for a while, continuing to progress in this oddly impossible sport.

Today I am grateful for outdoor showers to wash off the salt water; to feel human again.

I am grateful for my solar powered blow dryer. DRY. WARM. MMM.

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