Vitamin-N in the Walbran

“We fall in love by chance; we stay in love by choice.” – Unknown


The Walbran Convergence – a gathering of over 100 people, to mark the 25 year anniversary of the 1991 blockades, arrests, and various acts of civil disobedience to save the valley.

The Walbran shakes off the shackles so that we feel our footing again – anchored in a wider perspective, reminded of deeper priorities, transfixed by things we didn’t create nor could have. This wild, open ecosystem just IS. Towering trees, standing for centuries, quietly exchanging pollutants for oxygen, giving and giving and giving.

The Walbran is good. More than good. She is a beautiful teacher, revealing the ways in which we need to grow, stretch, and unfold our passions and skills that we have narrowly wedged into the crevices of our being. Open. Unfurl. Explore.

This must be what it’s all about – a fresh pair of eyes on things unseen, basking in the air of a wild location and having unfamiliar smells, sounds and tastes eclipse our reasoning so that we FEEL first, THINK second.

I came off of an exceptionally stressful week. I needed the Walbran more than I ever have!

I laughed with old and new friends. I sang around the campfire. I hooped in the forest and in a marble canyon. I explored with my dog. I looked at the stars with my husband – a clear, dazzling display of beauty. I served coffee for over 3 hours to like-minded, environmentally inclined folks. I went on a meditative walk through the forest, bare foot, and bare hearted. I prayed by the pristine, flowing waters – prayed for old-growth logging to cease, for healing to be restored to the earth, and for my people (ALL people) to be restored with the land.

Why the disconnect? Nature is not something to be conquered and exploited and used solely for monetary value.

Let nature have it’s way with you, because it’s the best way to discover what it is you really stand for – the hope of living more awake and more aware and that…that you should never stop caring, chasing, connecting.

Stay wild my friends.

DSCN7541DSCN7510 DSCN7500 DSCN7527 DSCN7534 DSCN7543An injured Marbled Murrelet that was found the day before the event - these are iconic birds that only nest in old-growth trees, so naturally, they are just hairs away from being on the endangered species list. DSCN7547

An injured Marbled Murrelet that someone found the day before the event. They are iconic birds, as they only nest in old-growth trees – naturally they are almost on the endangered species list. I’m sad she/he was injured, but consider it an honour to have seen one!



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