True North WILD and Free…

“Got a few miles to camp…should be there around 4…or 4:30 or 5…something good like that.” – Lorax (my husband) on explaining how far I had to walk until camp one day on the PCT

Only two (ish) weeks until we embark on our Great Divide Trail yo-yo hike! Roughly 2500 kilometres that will take us approximately four months. I am getting really excited to get back to my trail home!


We are getting down to the nitty-gritty of prepping for the hike – making finalized plans for our pup Sitka (I will miss her so much!), finishing up our resupply boxes, uploading more trail entertainment (podcasts, music, and audio books), and doing all the last minute purchases of gear. It’s ridiculous how much planning goes into a thru-hike, so future hikers, be warned! As thru-hiking veterans (as we hiked the PCT in 2014), also be rest assured that it is very much worth it. 🙂

I just spent a while watching all of our PCT videos, and I have to say, I was ALL smiles! That was such an incredible hike, and watching it all over again has given me “itchy feet” for the trail – just in time right? The freedom of the trail is unmatched – walk, breathe, laugh, eat, walk, sleep, walk…it’s so friggin simple and wholesome and ADDICTIVE. Take me back…

I have been thoroughly enjoying our time here in Pemberton and Squamish, but I crave the simplicity of the trail. I look forward to fresh brewed cowboy coffee in the ungodly hours of the morning; the steady, rhythmic movement of my feet for miles upon miles; the time to be (mostly) disconnected from electronic devices; the magical encounters with flora and fauna; the joy of walking with my man, in the Canadian wilderness…

The trail brings center, clarity, perspective, and (speaking from  lots of experience!), lots of healing. And this time, we will be “home” – CANADA. With the crazy hussle and bustle of city life, and the headache that is politics, we oftentimes feel disconnected from this culture and country. Yes, we are proud of this country in so many ways, but are also embarrassed for more often than we would like.

May the Great Divide Trail connect us to Canada in a way that I deeply crave – to her WILDS.

Stay wild my friends.

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