Eleven Month Nomads

“My relationship with surfing has been a bit choppy, with lots of ups and downs if you catch my drift.” – Yours Truly

Thanksgiving weekend.




We are in Tofino. While my man plays with the waves, I cozy up in the van, with a good Pumpkin Spice Latte (shout out to Good Life Juice!) and a new crochet project. I look outside my window, and see a guy walk by that I had met roughly 11 months ago in this very spot. “Hello!” I say kindly through my open van door, unsure if he will recognize me. “How’s van-life?!” he shoots back. “We’re still going strong…” I reply.

You see, I met this guy at this very beach, as I clumsily adjusted to van-living 11 months ago. Dan and I were spending our first weekend away as van-dwellers. It was foreign. I felt like a complete amateur and honestly a bit of a poser. I got conversing with this guy, and he said he’d been living in his van for several years, and assured me that I would get the hang of it. “Van-life has it’s moments, but just focus on the freedom,” he offered as motivation.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since that clumsy and awkward weekend! We are legit van-dwellers. I would have NEVER guessed we would have made it for this long. High-five Dan!!


Later on that afternoon, my journalling session is packed with the usual gratitude – my health, my husband, my job, my mini mobile home, my adventures, and of course, my family and friends.

There is so much to be thankful for. So many things. So many blessings.

I have…

I have health. I have a great family. I have an adventurous life.

But is that the point of Thanksgiving? To focus on all the wonderful things that one has?

I have, but do I give?

What’s the response of a truly grateful heart? Action. Do we harbour our blessings, holding on tight, living possessive lives of insecurity and fear? Are we afraid to make more friends, worrying that if we open our hearts to others, we will run out of room for those we already love? Do we harbour our time, afraid to volunteer and get involved, in case we burn out? Do we guard our money, afraid that if we give it to someone homeless or in need that they will squander it?

“I am thankful for my blessings, so I’ll just hold them sacred and stay in a bubble of goodness and guard myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” we may say to ourselves. Maybe not verbally, or even consciously, but subconsciously, I bet you have. I know I have.

Give time. Give energy. Give care. Give money. Give advice. Give empathy. Give patience.

Here are a handful of shots from the weekend getaway – I apologize that there are not pictures of Dan. He surfed. A lot. As in the whole weekend. (not quite, but pretty much!!)







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