“Not all those who wander are lost.” – John Muir


In light of our current awkward and oftentimes uncomfortable living situation, the definition of “home” has bended and morphed.

With our “homeownership” going onto 12 months, we consider ourselves experts in what a home is…at least for us!

Home is a vessel for adventure. A gas-guzzling teleporting room that takes you places, near and far. Home is zero mortgage, minimal rent, no utilities, and little dependancy on the grid. Home is a magical box that converts the sun’s energy into power with very little cost to the earth (or our pockets). Home is the ability to “get up and go” and run for the outdoors! Home is camping on pavement during the week, and on crown-land on the weekends.

Our home fits a certain “type.” I’ve always had a bit of a rambling heart; I never really felt glued to any one place.

home is where you centre. where you pause. where you regroup. where you rest.

home is where you play.

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