I Don’t Want to Live in a Van Anymore…

I don’t want to live in a van anymore.


I’ve  been feeling that way more and more lately, and I am at a point where I can say that statement with finality and confidence. I’m not just “sort of” over this, or “maybe” looking for something else.

I’m done.

It’s sort of sad; but I AM done. We’ve been living this way for almost 15 months, and I did not expect to last that long! This was always “just for now” and “not forever.” So we move on. We wrap up this chapter in our lives, not with regret or sorrow or defeat, but with the pride and confidence of a job well done, an adventure well lived, and a project well accomplished.

We stretched our limits and our comforts, living with less, consuming less, and experiencing more. You know the hashtag #explorebc? I think we embodied that (or at least coastal BC!). The places we went!

We saved money, not only for our savings account, but so we could give more freely of our finances, which led us to also give more freely of our time. Funny how oftentimes one area of giving comes more naturally…not that giving money or giving time are of different values, but I encourage you to assess what area you hold onto tighter, and maybe (just maybe!) you could loosen that hold a bit. You. Are. Blessed.

No, we did not just decide this on a whim and sell the van, leaving us TRULY homeless. We DID however find a place to sublet for a couple of months while we work on getting Hobo in selling condition and  prepare for the next next chapter in our lives ( and yes I meant to put 2 nexts there). We tend to live our lives in varying chapters, where one does not always logically follow the next, so as always, we keep our plans on the loose side. Life is too short for cookie cutter plans. We flow with the ever changing tide – unpredictable, variable, but enjoyable.

On that note, we do have some big plans coming up involving more adventures in outdoor recreation. But once again, sadly, those plans do not include Hobo the van.

But Hobo, this ain’t over yet dear pal! There are plenty of weekends left to twist and turn our way along island roads. Oodles of time to park along BC’s finest beaches.

Cheers to the final three weeks of van-life! I may be done mentally and emotionally, but I have seen enough chapters end in my life to remember to savour, to relish, and to count it a blessing to be within the chapter that I am currently in.

To Hobo the van!!



5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Live in a Van Anymore…”

  • How about an airstream… http://asmalllife.com/
    I can appreciate the enthusiasm you two have to not live a cookie cutter lifestyle. I know you put a lot of thought into where your next adventure will take you. I am sharing a couples adveture in a airstream.. One of my son’s and his family lived in two yurts that they connected together. They lived in them for at least nine years and just recently moved into a house…

  • It’s great that you are moving to the next next chapter, Tara and Dan. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures so far, and I’ve no doubt that you’ll continue living an exciting life in the future.


  • T-Fox. I love reading your blog. You are an excellent writer. I throughly enjoy fooling along with your adventurous life. Congrats on a chapter well lived and written! Can’t wait to hear about the next one!