My life as of late…

Planning, planning, planning!


I spent my weekend locked indoors, surrounded by (mostly) junk food. It was like my own sugar-coated, plastic wrapped, dehydrated prison cell, but not really because I (secretly) enjoyed it.

Version 2

Our 12 resupply boxes are mostly packed in hopes that we’ll come across tuna in pouches (why is Canada so hell-bent on tuna in tins?!) and more dehydrated pasta sauces. Our gear list is mostly purchased at this moment, with a couple outstanding items such as fleece mitts and a sun hat. On our PCT hike, I wore a baseball cap that was so DEATHLY hot in California that Dan ended up modifying it (or hacking off the top) and transforming it into a rather unique visor. I looked good!


But nothing beats Dan’s hat – the hat that could – the hat that made it to Canada…just barely.


Ok, so maybe we’ll get better hats this time (but not as awesome).

Four more days until we pack up and start adventuring! Just wait until you see what Dan has done to our new “home-on-wheels.” It’s gonna be a tight squeeze!!


Version 3


2 thoughts on “My life as of late…”

  • Have fun you two! I look forward to following your adventure. I guess it’s your turn this year šŸ™‚ All that junk food makes me wanna go hiking again. I don’t have that guilt free feeling anymore when I down a half dozen honey buns & two liters of Coke for breakfast. I miss that. Enjoy your adventure & savor the OJ!