All about rhythm…

“Relax T. You’re on vacation!” – Dan

We’ve been living “on the road” for five days now, yo-yoing our way along the Sea to Sky highway – Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton.


This is our home for now. The entire vast area, not the six foot long bed within our mini boxed Japanese van. Home is so much larger than that box! The places we will see! The areas we will explore!

Our first of many back-country ski trips had us bunkering into one of our more recently discovered cabins. Dan and Sitka and I had the place to ourselves for 2.5 days. It felt so incredible to be outside…to breathe mountain air…to watch my skis swoosh their way up the slope and rocket their way down.


There’s a rhythm to back-country skiing. You have to go up to go down. You have to work to have fun. You have to pace yourself…breathe easy…enjoy the ride.

There’s a rhythm to this life we have chosen. We have to rush around town for food, for showers, for laundry, for internet. It can be cramped and crowded and disorganized and frustrating. It can be mobile and spontaneous and wild and exhilarating.

Welcome to our kind of life.


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