Earn your turns…

“I was thinking that I might fly today…” – Jewel

Steep Peak
Steep Peak

Life is magically, strangely, and wonderfully unreal lately.

Dan and I are really enjoying our time together, bopping from one backcountry cabin to another, sprinkled with restful “town stops” in between. There’s no rush…no urgency to our current way of life. We take it one trip at a time…slow and steady but oh so exciting. Every backcountry trip is a new experience – different snow conditions, new terrain, and new company.

We were joined by Steve, my brother-in-law, on our second trip. He happened to be in Vancouver for business, and he conveniently tagged a couple days to his flight so we could squeak in a pow-wow session. The visibility was marginal, but we managed to find some incredible snow. That’s the beauty with backcountry – there’s no competition to ski the snow fast before everyone else takes it. It’s just you and a wide open snowy canvas…your skis are your paintbrush…go nuts and get creative!!


After our trip with Steve (and a town stop of course), we headed back to the same area for another three days. The weather really changed – mild and oh so sunny! What a treat. What an opportunity for a summit! So we went for the summit of Steep Peak and it was one of the most memorable days in the backcountry I have experienced. I was literally on cloud 9 without a care in the world! Yes it was difficult, and at times I was tired, but it was so dang beautiful. See for yourself.


This life is not for everyone, but it sure as heck is for us.

Stay wild my friends.

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  • Hi ya T
    Angels fly – souls fly – you must have felt like it was home
    great to hear from you and enjoying your outdoor adventure
    take care care little soul
    early morning coffee anyone